Magical Moments



Jemma and Jonathon just celebrated their marriage and Andrew was there on their wedding day, capturing all the love and laughs. Jemma was such a beautiful radiant bride and happily shared her memories of the day with us.

Q: Describe your wedding day in 5 words?

Magical, family, relaxed but elegant, stunning, dancing.

Q: What was the highlight?

The highlight of our day would definitely be marrying the ‘man of my dreams’. We also loved having our whole family and friends in the same place at the same time to celebrate with us.

Q: Funniest moment?

When my Maid of Honour walked in to the reception with the Best Man, they thought it would be funny to do some twerking. As this event took place my Maid of Honour completely stacked it and landed on the ground, by far the funniest moment. Luckily we got it on camera and video as well – I will not let her live that down.

Q: How did you feel throughout the day? 

I had so many different emotions through out the day. I was so excited, nervous, overwhelmed and just happy that everything went to plan whilst everybody had such a great day.
Q: What did you love about your wedding photographs?

What I love about our wedding photos is everything. Andrew captured some amazing moments not just of Jonathan and I, but of our family and friends. They bring back so many memories and show the love and happiness that was present throughout the day. I love that he captured moments that you could not put together. He was always in the right place at the right time.

Q: Do you have any advice for brides-to-be?

There is always a lot going on leading up to your wedding and you always seem to get caught up in little things that stress you out. At the end of the day, your wedding is about bringing two families together whilst marrying the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. When the wedding is all over I can guarantee you will look back and think to yourself, there was no need to stress about that.

Q: If you could change anything, would you?

Would I change anything? I don’t think I would change anything as the day to me was perfect. I freaked out a little bit on my way and during the Church Ceremony but now I look back and laugh at how emotional I was. However on the day, you can’t control those things so take it as it comes and just enjoy your day.

Q: Why did you choose Andrew as your photographer?

I had seen Andrew’s work prior to our engagement — his photography is individual and he has so much passion for what he does. He puts endless amounts of time into his work and it has shown in our photos. He did such an amazing job!!

Q: Is there one photograph that sums up the day for you?

There is this one photo where we are dancing at the reception and you can see all of our family and friends surrounding us. The expression on their faces say it all. Both our families and friends mean the world to us and having them all there celebrating our day is what made it so special for us. On the day you don’t really see what is going on in the background and when we went and had a look at our photos for the first time, we got so emotional just seeing how happy everyone was. Andrew captured this in so many photos.

Q: Best advice you’ve been given about love and marriage?

We have been given a lot of different advice — I think what works well for us is knowing each other’s boundaries and having so much love, trust and respect for each other.


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