Michael & Alison {O’Reilly Rainforest Retreat Gold Coast Hinterland}

An Aussie Girl and an American Boy

Alison and Michael ask their guests “You know the back story, right…?”

In their words…

It’s an American story. Fittingly on 4th July. There were fireworks (literally). There were feats of bravery & chivalry. A summer romance in New England. A promise ring on Labor day & proposal on bended knee. But sadly, there remains an impediment only you can remedy…

… but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Starting at the beginning there was this guy. He lived in Rhode Island. He was invited by a friend to come to a 4th July party in DC. Lots of single women there, you say? Yes he says, I’ll be there.

And, of course there was a girl. She was the one co-hosting the party. (A foresaid friend being the fairy godmother of the introduction.)

Said friend drops the guy off at the party early to help with the set up. He finds himself hanging streamers , mixing drinks and liking her taste in art. She is wooed by his delicate handling of good china and mastery way of dealing with the drunks. And even though she generally does not like journalists, she is captured.

Through sheer gravitational pull the guy never left the party. It was a summer-long first date and the meandering evenings, a search for the perfect espresso in Montreal and a long drive through New England countryside.

They shopped for a promise ring on Labor day: a quaint New England tradition. The deal is sealed with a second ring before Christmas (hey, did she score!) And a civil ceremony in Cambridge the following year with 100 Sloan’s and the Scully family made it legal!

But Wait!!! The girl’s brothers cried, they will not be truly married until Australians are drunk on the dance floor with their ties secured around their foreheads doing a rendition of the “lightbulb” move at their wedding!

And this guy and this girl want to be truly married. So you must come. And drink. And dance. And maybe even tie your tie around your head. At least come to enjoy the company, the occasion and the weekend in the rainforest! And they will be truly married. Happy Day!

Michael & Alison were truly married, 5th Jan at O’Reilly Rainforest Retreat. A great party was had. There is proof check out the photos to see ties on foreheads and the “lighbulb” dance moves!

In Andrew’s words

There is always something special that happens at wedding and this time it happened to both Anna and me.

I have known the McGuigan family for a long time having photographed a few very special family occasions, so I like to think we have a really close connection with them. When Alison asked me to capture her wedding day Anna and I were thrilled to be included once again in the family celebrations. We were also humbled to be included on the guest list. A great time was had by all and Michael and Alison couldn’t be happy with their day.

What I recall fondly was when the party was slowly coming to an end, the crowd was thinning and the music had stopped. Alison’s brothers Aiden & Owen and their partners Melissa and Cate gathered around our table along with Alison and Michael drinking a few red wines, and we found ourselves listening to family stories about days gone by when they were younger. At one point Alison’s brother Aiden looked at me and said “you two are part of the family now because you have captured all of our family big occasions,” at that point I looked around the room and everyone had gone except for our table, there was Alison’s immediate family, Michael of course, Anna & I. Wow I thought, this is really special! Thank-you to the McGuigans and now Scully family for making us feel so welcome! Looking forward to the next family gathering.


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