What happens if it rains on your wedding day?

A bride’s worst nightmare is either something going wrong with her dress… or rain.

But unfortunately you can’t control the weather so it’s always wise to have a back up plan if your weather forecast is looking stormy.

As wedding photographers, this is a question we often get asked by an anxious bride (or groom) and we tell them all the same thing. Don’t worry, we’ve got this. And often, the weather will actually help us create more interesting photos.

Rain and overcast skies can actually be a a great thing.  Truly!

BUT you must have a plan in case the weather turns nasty on the day and it’s best to discuss all your options with your photographer.

Here are our five top pieces of advice to make sure you’re ready for your wedding day – rain, hail or shine!

1. Make a plan.

Have a chat with your partner, your family and your photographer to decide what you’re going to do if it rains. Once you’ve made a decision, stick with it and make sure everyone knows what they need to do on the day.

2. Trust the professionals.

Your photographer and venue manager has more than likely worked on countless rainy weddings and will know what to do. Talk to them about it before the day so you’re all on the same page and everyone knows their responsibilities.

3. Be prepared.

If you know there is any chance of rain, be prepared. Buy the umbrellas, the emergency ponchos, the matching gumboots and buy enough for the key people in your party (bride/groom/bridal party etc). Choose them in colours that suit your wedding styling too!

4. Be willing with times. 

Of course, some parts of the day can’t be changed (like the vows) but everything else is usually fairly flexible so try to time the photos for the time when the rain is lightest or the wind has died down. It’s your day so your guests and venue will usually be very accommodating if there are some delays while you wait for the right time to shoot. Or if you were going to shoot before the vows but the weather looks like getting worse, be open to having your photos taken before the vows.

5. Let go and embrace it.

Yep, the hem of your dress will probably get wet and maybe a little muddy. Yes you might get slightly wet. Yes, you may feel a little cold. But once you’ve made peace with that, it won’t affect your day (or your mood). Let go and relax, just have fun and you will love the photos because you’ll look happy and natural!

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