The Importance of Quality Over Quantity

Before the onset of digital cameras, photographers had to put thought, effort and skill into every shot. These days, many photographers make up for what they lack in technical skills with overcompensation (i.e. over-shooting) – they shoot thousands of photos and hope that a few gems will show up by chance. But we don’t operate like that – At Porfyri, we prefer the analogue mindset of artful photographs, technical skill and quality over quantity. Here’s why we don’t count on quantity:

We Have Skill and Experience

Photographers should have the skills and experience required to not only take exceptional photographs, but to recognise when to take them. Our Brisbane photographers are trained in the technicalities of photography and observation – they will work unobtrusively and purposefully to capture your event and your guests in a unique, truthful and artful light. They will work with you to understand your event and the vision that you have for your photographs, and they will make your vision a reality.

At Porfyri, we don’t point and shoot without purpose, or in the hope that we might score a great photo. We point and shoot with the technical skills, experience, precision and vision required to capture a moment perfectly, every time.

We believe in the art of photography – it is our mission to provide you with photographs that you will love, not to burden you with thousands of okay photographs.

We Have State of the Art Equipment

Our state of the art equipment allows us complete control over the aesthetic of our photos. We will use our equipment to capture photos that represent your vision, whether it is naturalistic or stylised, despite any environmental conditions that could potentially interfere (like inadequate lighting or bad weather). State of the art equipment means nothing without the skill and experience to use it – our understanding of the technicalities of manual photography allows us to not only capture moments but to represent them in a way that tells a story.

It’s Better for Our Clients… Even if They Don’t Know It

Does the idea of sifting through thousands of ‘okay’ photos seem appealing to you? We’re guessing not, because by nature people become overloaded when presented with too many options.

Some photographers believe in quantity over quality – they believe in taking thousands of photographs and hoping for a few great shots. But we prefer to know that our photos will turn out great. Rather than providing you with numerous ‘okay’ options, we will provide you with a stunning collection of artful photographs that capture your event exactly as you want it to be captured.

We will provide you with only the best photographs – the ones that capture the emotion, personality and spirit of your event. After all, you don’t want a play-by-play of every second of your event… you want a tasteful and emotional representation of your event as a whole.

Our Brisbane photographers provide commercial photography, wedding photography, portrait photography and more. Please contact us for more information.