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A wedding is one of the most magical days in a person’s life – a day full of love, laughter and joy. It is a day that you want to remember forever. Andrew Porfyri understands this, capturing moments that will last a lifetime. Andrew sees wedding photography as the perfect artform for storytelling. He has the ability to take images that capture the true essence and beauty of your wedding day as it unfolds. There is always an element of integrating art and photography with Andrew’s work – the images are spellbindingly beautiful, honest and unique. Each wedding is different and Andrew adjusts his style to suit, acknowledging any special requests and knowing how to best capture the essence of the day.  His refined photography techniques ensures Porfyri Photography documents the fun, laughter, intimacy and tears of joy during one of the most important days of your life. Andrew remembers shooting wedding days with wild weather and producing photographs that were captivating. It is easy to forget that he is even there as his professional approach is so subtle and unobtrusive. As a photographer he has the innate ability to “read” a scene, seeing it from a different perspective to most. It is this ability to think outside the square and be bold in his approach that results in images that you will cherish forever. At Porfyri Photography, we love getting to know our clients, because after all, we are investing our time together. We feel honoured to have been chosen to be a part of your special day and go out of our way to become immersed in your story. This allows us to tell your tale through professional, high quality images. There have been occasions when clients have seen their wedding day shots and been overwhelmed with emotion as they were not even aware that Andrew had captured such a special moment or feeling. By seeing such a beautiful image, you are taken back into that moment and get to relive that amazing day. Book in a consultation with a top Brisbane wedding photographer to discuss our availability, pricing and wedding photography packages. Contact us online or call 07 3393 0066.