5 Things to Look for in an Architecture Photographer

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Architecture photography is the process of photographing structures in a way that is unique, aesthetically pleasing and accurate.

Here are 5 things to look out for when choosing an architecture photographer:


To take great photos, the photographer really needs to understand your needs as well as the specifics, environment and background history of your architectural subject. Although architecture photography may seem simple, it actually provides great opportunity for nuance and artistry. This is only possible, however, if the photographer understands your structure inside and out.


The photographer you choose should have a portfolio, positive testimonials and at least a few years of proven experience in architecture photography. When you look through their portfolio, you should feel excited, inspired and confident that they will be able to present your architectural subject in the best light possible.

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A great photographer will have the creativity, technical skills and equipment to bring innovative concepts to life. They need to capture the aesthetic and intention of your structure in the most interesting and unique way possible, and to do this, they will need masterful control over a number of photographic tools.

A Good Relationship

The success of your photographs depends on effective communication and mutual respect as much as it does on the photographer’s vision and technical skills. The photographer you choose should be professional, courteous, capable, relaxed, patient, understanding, innovative and communicative of their artistic process.

Post-Production Skills

As well as photography skills and creativity, the photographer you choose should also be well-versed in post-production skills like adjusting exposure, sharpening, colour tweaking, removing distracting elements, adjusting perspective and adding highlights. These final adjustments will take an image from ‘great’ to absolutely stunning.

Need an Architecture Photographer?

Choosing a photographer can be difficult. If you are after someone who is professional, skilled and dedicated to capturing your structures in a unique and striking manner, don’t hesitate to contact Porfyri Photography on 07 3393 0066.

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