Commercial Photography for Broad Constructions

We recently had the pleasure of taking some commercial photographs for Broad Constructions. This company specialises in delivering new build, fit-out and refurbishment construction projects all throughout Australia.

Commercial Photography of the New Bunnings Warehouse

Broad Constructions’ latest project was the construction of the new Bunnings Warehouse in Newstead, Brisbane. The purpose of these images was to show the scale of the project, display the vast open retail space and to showcase the structural engineering involved in constructing this building. In some cases, the area was so wide that we had to stitch images together (in a panoramic) just to capture the width of the space.

Commercial Photography for Broad ConstructionsWhy Do Businesses Need Commercial Photography?

Commercial photographs are essential for portraying your business – i.e. who you are and what you do – in the best way possible. Having exceptional-quality commercial photographs of your products, services, commercial spaces and employees is the best way to show your customers that you are trustworthy and committed to quality.

Want to Enquire About Porfyri Commercial Photography?

We specialise in commercial photography for businesses of all sorts. The photographs we take can be used for various purposes – put them on your website, use them in your social media,  display them on billboards, hang them in your office – the online and offline uses are endless.


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