Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Stock Images to Promote Your Business


The initial costs of setting up your business can be significant, and it’s natural to look for ways to ease the financial pressure early on. Many businesses settle for stock images to promote their brand, a tactic which can work against your attempts to build a customer base.

Professionally taken photos can be powerful and persuasive. We have listed five reasons why you should invest in a professional and avoid using stock images for business promotion.

They Simply Won’t Represent Your Business Vision

No matter how closely you search, you will not find stock images that accurately convey the ethos and culture of your enterprise. At best, you’ll be showcasing a pale comparison of what you aspire to be.

Professional photographers can work with you to focus on what makes your business special. Target imagery can focus on any number of things, such as your employee team, dynamic product line, quirky or creative company culture and anything else you can think of.

They Can Make Your Business Look Generic

There really isn’t that much quality available when it comes to business stock photography. A common perception among users who see stock photography on a business website is that the company is not yet fully established.

Demonstrate your identity and intentions early on by hiring a professional photographer. Even if you are chronicling a business that is just finding its way, you can accurately demonstrate your vision with the help of a talented photographer.

What Message Are You Sending?

Do you offer a customised or unique service to your customers? If you provide tailored packages that reflect a client’s individual circumstance, think about the message you are sending by choosing stock photography.

You’re claiming to offer a unique and highly specialised service, but are using generic images to promote it. This makes your professional authority appear weaker than it should be.

The Images You Use Are Not Exclusive

When you use stock imagery, it is important to remember that you are paying to use a photo rather than taking ownership of it. The same images can appear on competitor websites or as part of a standard Google search.

If you choose this path, understand that the images you use can legally be featured by a competitor. If users realise that the images you are promoting with are not original, your credibility and reputation as a provider may be called into question.

Corporate Stock Images Can Look Contrived and Unnatural


Corporate images in particular can look very unconvincing if used to promote a business. As such images are composed to be as widely used as possible, they often have an unnatural feel.

The above image showcases what is possible using a professional photographer. You can work together to choose your focal point, tone, composition and numerous other aspects. Create drama, frame your team powerfully, demonstrate humour or professional focus – it’s entirely up to you.

Place Your Trust in Porfyri Photography

Thoughtfully composed photographs can leave a lasting impression in the minds of users. You have limited chances to set yourself apart from industry competitors, and strong use of photography is a great way to achieve this goal.
Porfyri Photography offers the most dynamic corporate photography Brisbane and surrounding areas can muster. To book a shoot with our experienced team, email or give us a call on (07) 3393 0066.

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