5 Ways We Craft Dynamic Corporate Portraits

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Great corporate photography provides an accurate and positive reflection of the face of an organisation. While most images will adhere to traditional guidelines, there are always opportunities to craft engaging photographs that stand out from other portraits in the corporate world. Here we have explored five considerations that we make at Porfyri Photography when preparing for a corporate photoshoot.      

We Stand out from the Crowd

While the remit for corporate portraits will always be professional images that reflect a business’s brand and values, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun bringing images to life. Creativity in composition is vital in creating dynamic corporate portraits; different tactics might include photographing a subject through a window to take the view of an outsider looking into the workings of the corporate world, or utilising different angles and perspectives to frame the subject with power.

We Utilise Natural Lighting as Much as Possible

When commissioned to attend corporate events, we always seek to take advantage of whatever natural light we can find. While some photographs will have to be taken in artificial light, natural light is preferred whenever possible for corporate portraits. Natural light streaming through windows is an excellent source for warm images. If images must be taken in artificial light and with a flash, we make sure red-eye doesn’t occur by asking our subjects to turn slightly to the side.   

We Embrace the Abstract

Corporate portraits and images often exclusively focus on faces, and while traditional headshots are necessary for image packages, a bit of ingenuity can help to demonstrate brand values in a different light. Use of background blurring and foreground focus can demonstrate the mental concentration of corporate life, while playing around with shutter speeds on group shots that do not focus on individual faces can portray the frantic aspects of a workplace.


We Do Our Research

No two businesses are exactly alike, and we are strong believers in the value of research and communication with clients when preparing for corporate portraits. The best results are achieved when both parties know exactly where they stand – nobody enjoys being photographed without having time to prepare. We ensure that our clients are well aware of our detailed plans before turning up on the day, and are satisfied that our shot list is in keeping with their brand and values. We will seek to learn as much as possible about individual subjects on the day, and ensure they are comfortable and confident before they face the lens.

We’ve Seen It All Before, and We Know What to Expect

When shooting corporate events, we are experienced in how such nights tend to progress and we know how to prepare accordingly. We will always seek to generate a detailed shot list and make arrangements to explore the venue beforehand so we know exactly what equipment will be necessary. Capturing presentations is imperative when working at corporate events, and it is important to be in position and ready when key speakers take to the stage. We understand how important it is to be unobtrusive and flexible on the night, as sometimes a golden opportunity that you haven’t planned for will present and you must be ready to take advantage.

Corporate Portraits and Images with Porfyri Photography

To secure the services of one of the most professional photographers Brisbane has to offer, contact Andrew Porfyri on (07) 3393 0066 or porfyri@porfyri.com.au. For all corporate, commercial, architectural and other photography needs, Andrew has the technique, knowledge and equipment to produce dynamic results.

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