How to Find a Commercial Photographer Who Suits Your Needs

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Finding the best commercial photographer – one who will capture your business in the best light possible – requires some digging. You will want someone with a demonstrated history of experience and evident creativity and technical skills. You also want someone professional and pleasant – someone who will show up on time and manage your photoshoot in a relaxed yet efficient manner.

To find a fantastic photographer you will want to conduct some online research, make some phone calls and also ask your friends, family members and even colleagues for recommendations.

How do you know a great photographer when you’ve found one? Here are a few qualities to look out for:

Experience & An Impressive Portfolio

Experience is essential because technical skills, creativity and professionalism all grow over time. Make sure to ascertain how many years of experience the photographer has and check out their past clients and their online reviews.

You should also have a look at their portfolio, as this will demonstrate their skill and versatility and also give you an idea of whether you like their style. When browsing through their portfolio, as yourself some questions like – do the images show artistic flair as well as technical ability? Do you feel excited when you see the images? Can you tell that their images are created with care? Do their photos have something to say? Can you imagine photos of your business being listed in this portfolio? If you answer yes to these questions, give the photographer a call and enquire!


Technical Skills & Professional Equipment

Great commercial photographers will have technical skill and the professional equipment necessary to bring their photographic vision to life. Just some of the professional-grade equipment they should have at their disposal includes lights, light metres, lenses, tripods, filters, diffusers, spare batteries, memory cards, storage devices – basically everything necessary to ensure great photos and a smooth photoshoot. The photographer should also have great post-production software and the skills required to ensure that your photographs are properly exposed, colour corrected, cropped effectively, retouched to perfection and generally polished.


Creativity is what creates the difference between a good photo and a stunning one. Creativity comes from passion, knowledge, confidence, experience and desire. Without creativity, photographs will lack nuance and fail to draw the viewer in. They will appear shallow and be entirely forgettable, even if they are created with great technical skill.

The photographer that you choose should have creativity and the desire to push boundaries. They should have a clear artistic vision in mind for your project, and as mentioned, have the skills and equipment necessary to make this vision a reality.


You’ve Already Found the Best Commercial Photographer!

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We hope this post has helped you to find a commercial photographer!

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