How Professional Photographs Can Enhance the Online Presence of Your Business



All business owners are looking for a competitive advantage, and the value of professionally taken business photos in the digital age cannot be denied. Whether you are looking to capture products, business premises or the personality of your team, a professional photographer can craft images that showcase your business in the best possible light. Below are the major benefits you can expect when hiring a professional to take care of your business photos.

They Capitalise on Our Visual Nature

Humans are visual creatures by nature, so it stands to reason that professional images should be given high precedence when it comes to online marketing. Immediately connecting with your audience is vital, and people are more likely to engage with a well-composed picture than read a detailed description about the services your business offers. In the hands of an experienced professional, a set of images can be created that details everything a customer needs to know in a few quick glances.

They Highlight the Benefits of Your Business

Business owners naturally have strong opinions on how they wish to portray their service or products, and a professional photographer can work with owners to bring these ideas to the fore. Professional photographers have the technical expertise to convey the personality, values and commitment of a business. By using amateur or stock images, your business photos will not be credible in the eyes of consumers and they may be deterred from considering your services.


They Paint a Professional Picture for the Long Term

From a marketing perspective, professional images can be considered as effective, versatile content. While small businesses might think they can save money by creating their own business photos, hiring a professional often proves to be the better financial decision in the long term. You might think that the images produced will only be featured on your website, but they are often shared to unexpected sources and still exist online even after images are updated. For this reason, any business photos attributed to your enterprise should be of the highest possible quality.

They Can Generate More Business Exposure Online

When it comes to attracting new customers to your enterprise, positive word-of-mouth has never been so important. Creative, dynamic business photos are often shared on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, exposing audiences to products and services that they may have been unaware of. Business owners can even liaise with a professional photographer to craft business photos specifically intended for online sharing and social media campaigns. The role of online platforms in marketing continues to grow rapidly, and business owners should ignore these sources at their peril.

Drive the Online Appeal of Your Business with Porfyri Photography

Andrew Porfyri has excelled as a commercial photographer in Brisbane for more than 20 years, and has worked with a wide range of businesses from construction companies to boutique bars and everything in between. To take advantage of Andrew’s experience in business photos, call us on (07) 3393 0066 or email

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