The Top 3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Brisbane Photographer

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Do you have a commercial or personal event coming up in Brisbane? Have you thought about hiring a professional Brisbane photographer to capture it in the best possible light? Professional photographers provide experience, expertise and artistry that is unmatched by amateur photographers. If you haven’t yet considered the benefits of hiring a photographer for your event, here are what we consider to be the top 3:

1. Experience and consistency

Andrew Porfyri has worked as a professional photographer in Brisbane for over 20 years. He has a wealth of experience and precise technicals skills that he can use to create photographs that reflect the desired image of any event.

Hiring a professional photographer is a very different experience to asking a stranger, your mate or your grandma to take a photo – professional photographers have a wealth of experience to draw from. They have shot a variety of events and subjects, and as a result, they know how to take great photos, every time. When you hire a professional, you wind up with a strong collection of images that tell the story of your event in the best possible manner – not just a few lucky snapshots. Professional photographers have the knowledge and experience necessary to make the most out of any environment.

2. Technical skills and equipment

Professional photographers have the photographic equipment and photographic know-how to make the most out of any moment. They know the ins and outs of their camera, and they have the knowledge to manually adapt their camera settings to suit any scene. Indoors or outdoors, rain or shine, they have the equipment and experience necessary to make a beautiful snapshot out of any moment.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of photography is lighting, which takes years to master. Bad lighting can absolutely ruin a photo –  professional photographers have the expertise necessary to capture, supplement, customise or create the best lighting in any situation.

Professional photographers also have access to the latest and best editing software, so they can edit photos (if necessary) to make sure every shot is as unique and visually stunning as possible.

3. Photographic artistry

A professional photographer doesn’t just take ‘run of the mill’ snapshots – they have an artistic vision and the skills required to make it a reality. Unlike amateur photographers who often ‘wing it’, a professional photographer draws from their artistic training and knowledge of equipment/gear to deliver the finest-quality photographs possible.

Professional photographers know the what, when, where, why and how of taking photographs that capture events and people in their best light. If you have an event coming up, consider hiring Porfyri to capture it. We provide commercial, and corporate portraits photography that is guaranteed to surpass your expectations.
Andrew Porfyri approaches his work with passion, dedication and a keen eye for the unusual – he relishes the challenges of creating the ultimate images for your corporate or personal needs.

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