Why You Need Great Product Photography


In the fast-paced online world of today, great product photography is essential to the success of your brand. Having excellent product photos is one of the easiest ways to set the tone for your store and show your customers that you are committed to quality. Photos communicate details and selling points to your customers in a way that copy cannot – a picture paints a thousand words, after all.

Unfortunately, product photography isn’t a simple as just taking a couple of photos of your products and uploading them. The bar for product photos is very high – there is so much online competition out there, and consumers know when they are looking at amateur photographs. In this era of over-abundance, it is imperative that your products appear as appealing as possible and have something that makes them stand out from the competition.

Our photographers provide commercial photography that is a step above the rest. We know how competitive the online market is, and we know how to represent your products in a way that will appeal to your target consumers.

Here are some reasons why great product photography is so important:

They increase the likelihood of social media sharing

To succeed online, your product photos need to be attractive enough that your customers want to share them on social media sites. Visual social networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Polyvore, as well as Facebook, are great places for your products to attract hype and gain traction. Don’t underestimate the advantages that popularity on these online communities can bring your business.

They Sell Your Product

Your product photos are the first impression your customers get of your products, so they really need to capture the attention of your viewers. When browsing potential purchases, shoppers want to know that the product they are looking at matches their expectations in terms of size, colour, functionality, shape and style. To enable this, your photos should be professional, high definition, zoom enabled and taken from a range of different angles. Your product photos are standing in for your customers’ ability to handle your products in real life, so they need to be convincing and convey everything that a potential customer needs to know.


They Sell Your Brand

Your product photos don’t just convey your products… they also represent your brand as a whole. Think about how you want your customers to perceive your brand – Stylish? Boutique? Youthful? Trendy? Practical? Corporate? Your product photos need to be inline with your brand image and they also need to be appealing to your target demographic. When executed well, product photos can strengthen your brand and make it more recognisable to consumers.

They Sell A Lifestyle

All products make a promise to the buyer – a promise to change their life for the better. The lifestyle that your imagery promotes can be as important as the product itself. Often, people don’t want to just see the features of your products, but the lifestyle they can bring. Ask these questions when brainstorming your product lifestyle elements:

  • Where will the product be used?
  • How will the product be used?
  • Who will use the product?
  • What other items belong with this product?
  • What setting will this product be used in?
  • Is there a certain time of day or lighting that goes with this product?

These questions will help you to identify the lifestyle elements that you could be using in your product photos. To see an example, have a look at the image of the chest of drawers above, which we took for one of our clients. We could have just taken a basic photo of this product in a bare white room – the sort of photo that you would see in a furniture catalogue. Instead, we decided to show the product being used in a sleek, stylish and enigmatic setting – a setting that inspires viewers to use the product in order to facilitate a particular way of life.

Our Commercial Photographers

Our commercial photographers have the experience, knowledge and equipment necessary to create compelling commercial photographs that stand out from the crowd. We have worked with a range of businesses, products and budgets, and we can provide your business with the photographic elements it needs to succeed online.

Whatever your product, we can work with you to represent it in a way that will appeal to your consumers. If you’d like to work with us and discuss our product photography service further, contact us today on 07 3393 0066.

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