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Very few professionals consider their LinkedIn profile picture to be an investment. Given how quickly people make judgements based on a single image, it makes sense to put a bit of thought into how you are presenting yourself to recruiters and potential clients. A professional photographer can help you craft the best possible images, and we have listed 7 rules you should keep in mind when deciding on the perfect photograph to match your online presence.

Professionalism over Pretension

The main purpose of a LinkedIn profile picture is to accentuate your trustworthiness and professionalism. If you appear aloof or unengaged, potential recruiters will be less likely to consider your services. Opt for a warm, natural and relatable smile to connect with your viewers.

Dress for the Occasion

The best advice for clothing protocol is to dress as if you were attending an important work meeting. Opt for a professional outfit that fits you well in the shoulder area, keeping aware that everything from your shoulders down is likely to be cropped out. As you want your face to be the focal point of the image, stay away from striking clothing designs featuring stripes or polka dots.

Look Straight down the Barrel

LinkedIn profile pictures should be taken at eye level; any higher and the subject will look diminished in the frame, and any lower the subject will look hulking and loom over the viewer. While you can play around with horizontal angles a bit to accentuate your best features,ensure you make eye contact with the camera lens to connect with the viewer.

No Selfie Sticks

Even if you maintain a professional expression while taking a selfie, it is still not perceived as a legitimate form of photography in a business or corporate sense. It is immediately evident from the perspective that you’ve taken the photo yourself, and it is difficult to frame the image correctly and use light to your advantage. At very least, you should hand the camera to a colleague who can pull the trigger.

Fill the Frame

You might think it looks windswept and interesting if your LinkedIn profile picture shows you standing in the distance, but it really isn’t helpful for demonstrating what you actually look like. As a general rule, make sure your head takes up around 60 per cent of the frame; crop the photo just above the top of you head and just below your shoulders for the best results.

Don’t Distract with Your Background

If the background of your image contains a bustling crowd or an elaborate mural, it can be distracting and take the focus away from your face. Choose a simple background or single block of colour behind you.

Use a Current Photograph

Much like using an old image on a dating site, persisting with that one fantastic photo of yourself from 2006 will do you no favours in the long run. Should you connect with a client or new colleague using LinkedIn, they will get a surprise when they meet you in person, and it might even call your integrity into question.

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