3 Reasons Your Business Needs Professional Instagram Photos

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Professional Instagram Photos-porfyri-instagram

In the hyper-visual 21st century, the need for eye-catching content is becoming increasingly important for brands. In the past, businesses have seen their website as the main face of their business. These days, your social media profiles are equally as important.

On a social media platform like Instagram, which has 800 million active users (at least 25 million of which are active business profiles), your brand’s profile really needs to stand out if you want to capture the attention of viewers. There is simply too much competition out there for you to succeed with low-quality or run-of-the-mill images. Here are 3 reasons your business should consider hiring a professional photographer to take your Instagram photos:

Stand Out

It doesn’t matter what you sell – if you have high-quality photographs, you’ll make more sales. Some people wonder whether it is worth investing in photographs when they could just be swiped through at high speed or barely noticed. But it’s high-quality photos that make people stop swiping and pay attention, and this is what leads to the next step – i.e. making a purchase. To stand out on Instagram, you need interesting and uniquely-composed photographs that represent everything your business has to offer.

Show Off

Professional photographers have the technical expertise necessary to communicate the personality, values and commitment of a business. If you want to succeed on social media platforms like Instagram, conveying this information is essential.

Professional, high-quality images don’t just show off your business – they show off your commitment to quality. Your Instagram profile is a visual representation of your brand, so if your business values quality and professionalism, your photos should reflect this.

Photographers have professional equipment like lights, light metres, lenses, tripods, filters and diffusers that achieve results that can’t be paralleled by photos taken on a smartphone. Instagram filters might be good, but they don’t compare to professional-grade equipment.

Whether you decide to feature photographs of your products, services, team members, workplace or all of these, a professional photographer will work with you to create a stylistic vision for your photographs. They will then use their technical skills and expertise to make this vision a reality, and the end result will be beautiful images that can be used on any online or offline platform.

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Professional Instagram Photos-porfyri-instagram2

Save Time

Finding the right pictures for a professional Instagram account can be very time-consuming. One major benefit of having a professional photographer take commercial photos for your Instagram is that it will save you plenty of time & brain power. A photographer will brainstorm ideas, provide all the necessary equipment, take amazing photos and do all the pre-production, photography and post-production. For busy business owners, this is a godsend.

Give Porfyri Photography a Go

We’d love the opportunity to take the commercial photographs for your online presence. Just some of the brands we have photographed for include Eagle Boys, The Coffee Club and Nandos. From basic product shots and corporate portraits, through to architectural photography, food photography and general workplace images, we have extensive experience in producing beautiful images for clients of all sorts.

If you have any questions, contact us online or call us on (07) 3393 0066.

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