Tips for Planning a Work Photoshoot With a Professional Photographer


Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Professional Work Photos

A business website that has no original photographs comes across as cold and untrustworthy – and therefore doesn’t really stand a chance with customers. When you represent your business location, team, products and/or services through professional photographs, your potential customers can visualise and relate to your business – and therefore feel more comfortable when purchasing your products or services (or contacting your staff). Humans are visual creatures – don’t underestimate the importance of fantastic photographs when it comes to online marketing.

Consider What You’d Like to Have Photographed

If you have a professional photoshoot coming up, we recommend that you start thinking about the shots you would like to have taken on the day. Although any respectable photographer will come prepared with some great ideas up their sleeve, it can help if you also have an idea about the photographs you’re expecting to get out of the shoot. Would you like photographs of staff? Products? Workplace interiors? Workplace exteriors? If you want the photoshoot to be as useful and thorough as possible, we recommend that you request photographs of all of these.

Sample Photoshoot Shot List:

  • Commercial portraits
  • Group shots
  • Exterior shots of business
  • Interior shots of business
  • Shots of how your product/service is made or delivered
  • Shots of the product/service being used
  • Shots of products/services that will soon be discounted (these can be used for promotional materials)
  • Candid shots of your team in action
  • Unique shots that show what your business is all about

Consider How You Will Use the Photos

As well as deciding what you would like to have photographed, you should also consider what you will be using these photos for. Your website? Social media? Ads? Business review sites? Business cards? All of these? Knowing what the photographs will be used for will help the photographer to determine the best photographic style for your needs.

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