What to Wear to a Photo Shoot – 5 Tips

Do you have a work photo shoot coming up? We know it can be tough to choose an outfit. Clothing is a very important expression of who you are – your identity, status and personality. Therefore, it’s important that you wear an outfit that really captures ‘you’!

Here are 5 tips for what to wear to a photo shoot:

Be Yourself

Your work photos are an opportunity for you to show the world who you are. Forget about following trends or fashions, or how society tells you to look, and think about how you really want to express and represent yourself.

Wear Something Comfortable

We’re not just talking about physical comfort – we’re talking about emotional comfort too! Wear something you love. Everyone has a favourite outfit that makes them feel comfortable, powerful and authentic – this is what you should wear to the photo shoot!

Keep It Simple

While staying true to who you are and wearing something you love, we recommend that you try to wear neutral colours (darker colours will make your face pop) and avoid overly flashy patterns, colours, text or logos. What you wear should support you, not take over the photo. We also recommend that you avoid showing too much skin, as this can be distracting.

Bring Multiple Clothing Options

We recommend that you show up with a few different clothing options. This means you and the photographer can collaborate on the best outfit for you, and it means you can take photos in different outfits and make the most of your photo shoot.


We hope you have found these tips helpful! If you have any questions about how to dress for an upcoming photo shoot, don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask us more. Want more work photography tips? Check out these blog posts:

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